Landscape Services

Desert Landscape Design & Installation

Beautifully designed desert landscapes with exotic cactus, beautiful boulders, cobble stones, gravels and decomposed granite that will enhance the beauty of your home,and save water and money.

Tropical Landscape Design & Installation

Have your own tropical paradise here in the desert! We can design a beautiful tropical landscape for your home with lush tropical plants, vines, palms, trees and colorful flowers that will make your home stand out from the rest of the homes on your neighborhood.

Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting

Enhance the beauty of your landscape and home at night with beautiful low voltage LED landscape lighting. With a strategically planned lighting design we can bring your landscape and home to life with a bright warm glow at night.  

Water Efficient Irrigation

With todays water shortages and water conservations we are proudly doing our part in helping our customers conserve water and save money. With every landscape install we carefully design and plan out the best water efficient irrigation system that we will be needed for a desert landscape or a tropical landscape.

Paver Design & Installation

Stand out from the rest by installing a beautifully designed paver driveway, walkway or back patio. Pavers come in a large variety of styles and textures that will  add a touch of elegance to your homes curb appeal. Not only will pavers enhance the beauty of your home they will also increase the value of your home dramatically.

Hardscape Design & Installation

Let our designers design a custom concrete driveway, walkway or back patio for your home. We can design any shape, texture, color or custom lines in concrete that will take your concrete hardscape to a higher level.  

Custom Concrete Lawn Boarders

Concrete lawn curbs are a beautiful addition to any landscape project. Concrete curbs add a classy clean finish look between planter beds and lawn areas. With a large variety of styles, color and texture we can create the perfect lawn boarder for your home that will make your landscape beds look amazing!

Synthetic Lawn

Artificial turf will add a long lasting and elegant stylish look to your home. With todays artificial grass looking and feeling very natural to the sight and touch it will make an excellent addition to your landscape project. Perfect for dog areas, playgrounds, shady areas where lawn won't grow

Custom Water Features

A water feature is a great way to to add a special accent to your landscape. A well designed and placed water feature will make that special area in your landscape come alive with the tranquil bubbling sounds of water that will relax and sooth the soul!

Professional Tree & Palm Service

Our Company is dedicated and committed  to abide by the tree standards set forth by the Society of Arboriculture. We believe that trees are an asset and add tremendous value to your home. So restasure that when pruning and caring for your trees we will make sure that they are pruned and cared for professionally

Decorative Flower Pots

A beautiful pot, beautifully designed and planted with colorful flowers and exotic plants will help to make any area in your landscape, patio and entryway to your home pop with a splash of color and elegance.

Annual Winter & Summer Color

Winter flowers

Annual flowers are the icing to your landscape! With a beautifully designed colorful flower bed. Flowers provide a very colorful accent to your home and they help to tie in together the look of the landscape.